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DNotes Vault is a safe and secure place to store your DNotes online.
Buy DNotes

Buying DNotes safely online may take some time if you're not already involved in cryptocurrency trading. Consider this process like setting up a brand new bank account, in that once you are setup, it is easy to use.


1. Buy Bitcoin


There are many options to purchase bitcoins, some are more risky than others. If you aren't very familiar with the ins and outs of bitcoin, we recommend using CoinBase, as it is the safest and most reputable company to purchase bitcoin from. If you are unable to use CoinBase, we suggest Circle as a secondary option.


The process is fairly simple, once you register at CoinBase, you can link your bank account and purchase some bitcoins. There are also additional verifications steps you can follow to increase your daily limits, but this is optional and most users won't need a very high daily limit.


2. Exchange your Bitcoin for DNotes


The next step is to exchange your Bitcoin for DNotes. You may do this at one of several online cryptocurrency exchanges, we recommend Once you have registered at one of these exchanges, you can transfer Bitcoin from CoinBase to your exchange. After your Bitcoin has been confirmed (may take an hour) in the exchange, you may use your Bitcoin (Trade Symbol BTC) to purchase DNotes (Trade Symbol NOTE).