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DNotesVault is a safe and secure way to store your DNotes
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Why DNotesVault


Using the DNotesVault is as simple as online banking. Payments can be sent to email addresses, and all you need is your own email to register.


All transactions are signed using offline processes. Funds are backed up across multiple geographical locations.


Deposits are insured by our coin matching fund to ensure their safety.

Unrivaled Security

DNotes Vault operates with industry best practices in mind to keep your DNotes safe. 100 percent of funds are held in cold storage with all transactions processed through an offline process. No private keys or wallet passwords are stored within the vault software or anywhere online. DNotes Vault offers the option of two-factor authentication, and requires email withdrawal confirmation. Withdrawals are processed once every 24-48 hours as an additional security measure for users to recognize unauthorized account activity. The DNotes Vault allows DNotes to be staked from within the security of the vault.

Earn with CRISP

DNotes Vault encourages savings, the foundation of economic stability and personal financial health. Our Cryptocurrency Investment Saving Plan (CRISP) will reward savers with interest on all deposits held in DNotesVault after the launch of DNotes 2.0. The interest will generated through the DNotes 2.0 blockchain reward structure. There are also targeted programs reaching out to retirees, students, kids, business owners, and employees to encourage saving at all ages.


Your DNotes Vault deposits are guaranteed.

The world’s first guaranteed digital currency online vault. All coins at DNotesVault are guaranteed by a coin matching fund held at a separate location in cold storage to give you piece of mind that the DNotesVault is a safe and secure place to store your DNotes.

You may click the links below to verify the DNotesVault guarantee fund addresses.

About Us

Some Words About Us

DNotesVault provides DNotes holders a place to securely store their DNotes online at no cost. Creating an account at the vault only requires an email address. All deposits at the DNotes Vault are guaranteed by a coin matching fund held in cold storage at a different geographical location. The funds are verifiable at any time on the blockchain.

DNotesVault is much more than just a web wallet or online vault. We plan to evolve into a fully regulated financial entity in the near future, offering an array of financial services.

Feel Free to Contact Us

Please feel free to use the contact form or email us at contact@dnotescoin.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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